Kelvin: Instantly Master Serving Temperature

With Your iPhone. 

 Elevates the Flavor of Every Wine

Presets for 200 Wine Styles

 Professional serving temperatures for over 200 wine varieties gives you the accuracy to easily pinpoint your specific wine every time.

Automatic Alerts

Kelvin will send a notification to your phone when your wine is at the perfect serving temp, so  you can sit back and relax!

Remote Monitoring

Kelvin's Bluetooth technology gives you live temperature readings on your phone

even from inside the fridge. 

Master Sommelier Endorsed

Kelvin is designed to enhance the flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel of red, white, & rosé wines & is endorsed by Jesse Becker, M.S. 

Try it out on your favorite wine!! 



Temperature has an incredible impact on how wine tastes. Serving your favorite wines at the correct temperature will transform your experience.

To see how Kelvin can make serving your favorite wines at the perfect temperature both simple and fun, please watch our video here


Kelvin's Expert Wine Advice Has Got You Covered.....

Food Pairing

Know which dishes and which wines go great together.

Tasting Notes

Kelvin will help you identify flavors in your wine and let you know what to expect .

Discover New Wine Styles

Kelvin will recommend new wines based on your preferences. 

Fascinating Facts

Learn amazing info that will

leave your guests speechless!

Glassware Guide

Select the right glass to bring out the best in your wine

Label Explanations

Understand confusing label terms in an instant; great when shopping and for improving your knowledge

Taste the Difference!

Here's What The Experts Say....

"WOW! What a huge difference Kelvin makes to the way wines express themselves

  Master Sommelier, Jesse Becker

"VERY COOL! Kelvin shows you how to chill your wine to exactly where it should be...a great gift"

  Fox News, Tech Talk

"You can change completely how a wine tastes by serving it too cool or too warm"

  Master of Wine, Jancis Robinson OBE